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Semantic Staffing was founded by experts who have been applying library and information science methods to solve really big business problems for many years at Taxonomy Strategies.

With the increasing availability of automated processing services that promise to transform content into data, there is an increasing demand for information management professionals who can help configure these so they really work. Looking for a needle in a haystack has never been easier, but finding reliable answers is still very difficult. What do you call these skills, and how do you find people who really have them? We are the experts placing experts. Our placements are guaranteed.

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About Us

Semantic Staffing is a Taxonomy Strategies brand

Taxonomy Strategies guides global companies, government agencies, international organizations and not-for-profits such as Nike, Oracle, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the International Monetary Fund and Harvard Business Publishing in developing metadata frameworks and taxonomy strategies. We provide a very high level of expertise to our clients.


Skills Wanted

Semantic Staffing is looking for library and information science professionals who can help configure automated processing services so they really work. The skills we want are:
  • Metadata modeling
  • Metadata transformation
  • Metadata visualization
  • Knowledge graph
  • XML/RDF representations
  • Data cataloging applications (Collibra, Data.world, Informatica, IBM, etc.)
  • Python programming
  • Perl scripting
  • NLP processing techniques
  • SPARQL queries
  • SHACL rules
  • Business glossary
  • Taxonomy
  • Ontology
  • SKOS, OWL representations
  • Vocabulary management applications (Protégé, PoolParty, ` Synaptica Graphite, Top Braid EDG, etc.)
  • NLP tools
  • Business rules
  • Content structure models
  • Machine-aided indexing
  • Text analytics applications (Expert.ai, SAS, Smartlogic, etc.)

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